5 Reasons Virtual Schooling Is a Boon for Teachers

Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher.

Teaching is regarded as a calling, but even a teacher who loves their job has times when they are at their wits end for the lack of facilities, the size of classrooms and an overall dissatisfaction of the control over the teaching technique. And just like sunshine on a cold morning, Virtual Schooling is a relief for teachers across the globe. Here’s why:

  1. Classes at your convenience
    As a teacher in a virtual school, time becomes your best friend and you no longer need to sulk about how little of it youve got. Being online, Virtual schools allow a 24/7 access to class materials and classrooms. This not only allows teachers convenience, but also the benefit of performing their teaching duties as a part time obligation.
  2. Meet students, not classes
    As an online teacher, you get to meet students just as students get to interact with you. It is often noted that student-teacher interaction is more and better in the online platform. Being on mail or call gives you time to do your research as well, because lets face it, all teachers have faced questions they were clueless about. Also, meeting individuals and not groups makes it better to plan classes and not go on without knowing the results generated.
  3. Say Hi to technology
    Technology is at its best in virtual schools. Not only does it give you the freedom to easily share resources related to a topic but also helps you save them all on the cloud. All your discussions with students get saved for them to access it at any point in time, saving the please repeat time. Technology lets you device study plans at your own convenience and smartly so, by giving you data about what students are appreciating. Tech is a great plus in virtual schooling.
  4. Parents are partners
    As an online educator, you become closer to parents. Most virtual schools offer parents the access to their child’s progress, which not only allows them to be more informed but also more responsible towards their child’s education. Thus, discussions between teachers and parents become healthy and the teacher also gets to learn so much about the student. Its a plus both ways.
  5. Free time becomes reality
    As a traditional teacher, one is never free. There are assignments to be checked, classes to be planned, tests to be made, work clothes to be prepared, and all the travelling to be done. As a teacher of a virtual school, you can finally have a family life. A virtual teacher has the freedom of sitting in the warmth of their duvet to plan their class. And travelling to work means walking from your kitchen to your study (read bed)!


Teaching online is a joy once you recognize its benefits. And whats more, you no longer just teach the students of your state. You become a global superhero.

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