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What is a High School Diploma? Let us begin with that.

In the American Schooling system, when a learner completes all the course requirements for all grades from 9 to 12, he/she is awarded a certificate of completion of those course requirements and that certificate is called a High School Diploma. So simply put, as the High School is defined from Grades 9 to 12, when a learner gets a High School Diploma it simply means that all requirements till Grade 12 are met and the learner is hence ELIGIBLE to apply for higher (or post-secondary) education in the undergraduate levels offered by universities and colleges around the world.

When all such requirements are completed online by a learner through a recognized and valid online school, the Diploma becomes an Online High School Diploma. The definition of ‘recognized and valid’ for an online school is tied to its accreditation through a recognized and authorized accrediting organization. At International Schooling, we have secured this accreditation through the consortium of 3 of the most prestigious and oldest accreditors NCA CASI, SACS CASI & NWAC (all currently part of Cognia which was earlier called AdvancED) each over a 100 years old and headquartered in the US. So rest assured, you can be sure that when you are completing your High School Diploma requirements from International Schooling, the Diploma that is awarded to you is valid and recognized.

A very common question that comes to mind for most people is, is it really possible to do all of this online and if yes, how does it happen. Well, the answer is, yes it is very much possible and it is simple. All that (and sometimes even more) a learner accomplishes in a conventional brick and mortar school is also accomplishable online. In an online school, learners enter their classes by logging in, reading books and course content, there are teachers assigned to them who guide them, grade their assignments and clear their doubts. Learners take tests and assessments and their performances are recorded, and when they complete all such requirements they are promoted to the next grade. The only difference is that all this happens in a secured, protected, organized and safe environment on a device such as the learner’s laptop or tablet. Due to these advantages and indeed many others, more and more learners and their parents are choosing online schools because they provide so much flexibility of time, location and courses. At International Schooling, we are committed to ensure that all learners are provided facilities so that they enjoy being with us even more than they enjoy being in a regular school. We try to make learning fun-filled and interesting. 

So coming back to High School Diploma, it is also needed that one understands why High School Diploma as a qualification is important. Well, in most simple terms, it is the evidence of completion of all requirements for 1-12 schooling and so ideally, and in a perfect world, everyone should have at least this level of qualification. Since, it is the ‘end’ of school level qualification, it is naturally the gateway to higher-ed qualifications. It opens doors for learners to pursue undergraduate level programs. Besides also being a minimum eligibility requirement for higher-ed, a High School Diploma is also the minimum required qualification in a lot of jobs and professions around the world. Not having it could be a huge deterrent for growth and progress.

Moreover, since it is also a mark of a learner’s success, this Diploma also adds to the mental, emotional and social well-being of a person. While there are always stories and legends of school-dropouts, the ‘real’ world and its citizens consider a ‘completed’ school qualification a necessity in most cases.

Online high school diploma

A lot of learners and their parents have questions about how pursuing a High School qualification through an online school could be different or similar to the prospect of pursuing the same qualification through a conventional school. To begin with, an online school is similar to a conventional or regular school in almost each and every department, except the fact that one doesn’t have to physically attend a school in a specific building and can just log in to the online school on a device and ‘enjoy’ all those privileges on the screen. And how is it different? Well it is safer, more organized, relatively more proctored and far-more customizable and learner-friendly. At International Schooling specifically, we work with the conviction to design a curated learning experience for each and every learner. Plus, we provide parents with the access to their child’s activities, performance and progress. Weighing feature to feature, an online High School Diploma is far more future-ready as compared to a regular High School Diploma. It is high time that we accept not just as parents, educators and school authorities, that the limitations to pursue a High School Diploma are long gone in the past and even if they exist anymore, they exist in our minds. Well, if we can shop online without visiting a store, if we can connect and chat online face-to-face without socializing in person, if we have been completing highly-sensitive banking operations and transactions online with so much reliability, it is high time we understand that online schools are here and ready to take the learners into the future. And as true with most online interactions and facilities, earning a High School Diploma online also saves time. If you are looking for the fastest way to get a High School Diploma online, you must contact us. 

So whatever be the reason, waiting isn’t an option anymore!

At International Schooling, Online High School Diploma is made extremely engaging and flexible. If a learner is keen to learn, we are ready to support. We are offering the options of full-courses (all courses for a particular grade level) and FLEX Program (certain specific courses for credit recovery, dual diploma, practice and many such reasons) for all grade levels and not just for the online High School Diploma programs. So the best that a learner or parent can do, is talk to one of our counselors and learn more about how we could support you through a tailor-made program. For the best options for accredited high school diploma online, all you need to do to begin, is click here

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