At International Schooling, we encourage all stakeholders to ask us questions. We believe that only when everyone understands the vision and process that International Schooling follows, will they be able to contribute effectively towards making International Schooling a success. It is with this purpose, that we have listed down some of the most fundamental questions that will help everyone, to get a more detailed insight about us.

International Schooling is a Cognia, USA-accredited KG-Grade 12 American online school serving thousands of students across the globe. Approved by the College Board, USA, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), USA, and as a proud member of the United Nations, International Schooling is Changing Lives for the Best with dedicated and quality education.

You’ll find the ‘Register Now’ option on the Home Page of our website. All the relevant information is present on our official website. In case you need any support/guidance, you are always free to write to us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you may also fill out the Inquiry Form available at Please enter your correct details and begin the process of your ‘learning’ with us.

If you forget your username, you can click on the ‘Forgot Username/Password’ and you will be guided through a smooth process of recovering your Username/Password or creating a new one as the case may be. Additionally, you may write to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to guide you on the same.

International Schooling is an accredited KG-12 American online school. We proudly hold accreditation from Cognia, USA, which is widely recognized as the world’s most reputed school accreditor. Cognia is a consortium of three US Regional Accreditors, namely NCA CASI, SACS CASI, and NWAC, ensuring that our school meets the highest standards of educational excellence.

For One-To-One Learning (1 Teacher: 1 Student), enrollments at International Schooling are open throughout the year, providing the flexibility of a self-paced learning plan. On the other hand, for Group Learning Mode, the enrollment process begins in March. The academic year spans 10 months, commencing in September.

The eligibility requirements for enrollment at International Schooling vary based on the desired grade level. Consideration is given to factors such as age and previous educational qualification/academic level attained. The minimum age for enrollment in Elementary School (Kindergarten-Grade 5) is 5 years, for Middle School (Grades 6-8) it is 11 years, and for High School (Grades 9-12) it is 13 years. These criteria ensure a structured and age-appropriate learning environment for our students.

No, you don’t need any special technology skills. The basic knowledge of how to use a computer and the internet is enough. Our Learning-Management System is very robust, simple, and self-guiding. It is built to provide ease and friendliness to students. We believe that all our students must enjoy the process of learning thoroughly.

You can go to our website for all the courses and find out what suits you best. You can then choose the course based on your career plan and eligibility. You can always contact us for information on courses, and we’ll help you choose your grade/course.

When you Register with us, you get the option and freedom to choose your grade/subjects, under your eligibility and preference. Upon the successful completion of your enrollment with us, you gain access to our ‘Learning-Management System’ where all your classes/lectures/assignments and other academic work/milestones are mentioned. You will have a clear roster/timetable of classes that you will need to attend.

You may not change your subject/course as you’re required to complete the entire course to be promoted to another course. However, in most cases, you will have to pay for the new course that you opt for.

Yes, there are options for transferring your previous credits, coursework, and academic accomplishments. You are guided through such options when you enroll with us.

All the study materials and resources are provided online. Students can access them through their preferred (or as prescribed by International Schooling) devices, at their preferred locations, and convenient milestones during their perusal of the course.

All materials required for the course are provided online, and reference books/sources for further study are also suggested on our Learning-Management System. A student gets thorough information to pursue his/her studies with utmost convenience.

Yes, International Schooling has a dedicated pool of academicians and subject-matter experts, whose support and guidance may be sought at various times and intervals.

Yes, International Schooling provides you with continuous and convenient guidance and support during your entire duration of association with us. We welcome you to write to us at [email protected] or else access our support team through your account on our Learning-Management System.

Yes, International Schooling continuously monitors and guides all its students through its academic and support teams. All your ‘Log-in’ hours and your coursework are thoroughly monitored.

You can choose to study at your own time and location. However, International Schooling expects you to complete the prescribed number of hours that are required to efficiently complete your course and learning and earn successful credits (wherever applicable). In this manner, your attendance is important.

You can earn credits by choosing courses and completing them. You can also choose extra courses provided you can put in the prescribed time and input needed to complete such coursework.

You can choose to take your examinations/tests, based on the completion of certain milestones in your course. You will get all such information during the process of enrollment and pursuance of your coursework.

All the tests and quizzes will be provided online. Students have to progress through them sequentially and are not allowed to skip through the areas unless so is allowed by International Schooling.

Each course has a different fee based on the grade/level/subjects. Once you register with us, you will be guided through our fee structure, before the final payment applicable to you.

Upon the successful completion of your course/level with International Schooling, you will be issued a certificate/diploma. You may provide this certificate/diploma to your academic counselor/guide at the college/university that you are applying to.

Contact us here. You can fill in the ‘Inquiry Form’ directly on our website or click on the ‘Contact Us’ tab. Alternatively, you may write to us at [email protected] or [email protected].

International Schooling considers its pool of expert teachers and academicians as one of its core strengths. We have an ongoing and comprehensive study that we conduct internally, to arrive at the requirements and vacancies for teachers. We always welcome teachers from all nationalities, subjects, and levels to apply to us.

If you are a teacher and are willing to be a part of this wonderful revolution in the world of teaching and learning, we welcome you to apply to us at [email protected]. with your current resume/CV accompanied by a cover letter, detailing your current role, your availability, and your vision in applying and getting impaneled in our academic team. Our Academic Council will duly evaluate your profile and candidature and come back to you. In most cases, we conduct a short online interview, followed by an online training session on the vision, product, and expectations of International Schooling.

Upon the successful completion of the above process and successful feedback from our Academic Council members regarding your candidature, you’ll be issued an official offer letter and you’ll be impaneled in our Academic Council.

At International Schooling, you will enjoy the benefits and privilege of being a frontrunner in this ‘new-age’ endeavor of teaching and learning. You will have exposure and access to a larger and more diverse group of students, across nationalities, cultures, and disciplines. You may also be provided an active platform to participate in the development and revision of curriculum, syllabus, and teaching/learning mechanisms. In totality, International Schooling offers its academic team a very rich and varied exposure to all areas of academics.

International Schooling believes that teachers, students, and all its other stakeholders should thoroughly enjoy the work, culture, and challenges at International Schooling. We believe that all worthy teachers and educators must be free to decide how much and how long they will contribute to our mission. Keeping this in mind, we offer opportunities for full-time as well as part-time engagements. You can be impaneled as a teacher at International Schooling and work at multiple other locations and institutions simultaneously.

At International Schooling, we have a dynamic calendar that lists down lecture timings, and then allows our empaneled teachers to choose from the lectures that they would like to take. In this manner, there is complete freedom and flexibility offered to teachers to choose their topics and time, at their convenience.

Yes, International Schooling pays its teachers for all their contributions and services. During your empanelment, you will be apprised of your remuneration by one of the members of our Academic Council.

A teacher can associate with International Schooling in many ways, besides teaching. Let us list down a few examples of such prospective associations. If you are a teacher associated with an institution, you can always choose to refer to that institution for becoming our ‘Study Campus’. If you support students in their Homeschooling endeavor, we welcome you to become a part of our mission and offer such learning through our platform. We are also a platform for teachers who serve the dual role of teaching and teacher training.

You are welcome to write to us at [email protected]. and suggest more regarding what you do, and how you would possibly like to associate with us. Our Academic Council would consider your application and thoughts, and follow it up with a discussion with you. If there are synergies between what you propose, and what we do, we will look forward to suggesting a suitable model of association.

International Schooling is an accredited Digital School with the rights and capability to impart K-12 secondary school education (Grade PreK-12) and post-secondary education including diplomas and certifications. 

There are 2 primary models of collaboration for schools/colleges/universities/vocational training centers/other educational institutions with International Schooling.

Schools/educational institutions may choose to become an ‘authorized study campus’ of International Schooling, thus offering one or many of the various courses from the range of courses offered by International Schooling.

Alternatively, schools/educational institutions may choose to offer their already existing courses and programs in collaboration with International Schooling, with the latter being an accredited ‘Quality-Control and Certification Partner’.

At International Schooling, we believe in imparting educational excellence. Our organization is accredited by Cognia, the largest accrediting education agency in the world. When International Schooling partners with a school/institution, it carries the baton of educational excellence to such schools and other stakeholders including parents, leadership, and most importantly, students. This collaboration reflects in further performance, improvement, and growth of the school/institution. It also sets the school/institution apart from its peers, as our partners receive and radiate a ‘truly’ international flavor in all their academic endeavors.

Schools/institutions that we partner with, are hence able to attract better and more committed students too. Additionally, besides all these advantages, we also support the institution in achieving its purpose, vision, and growth more comprehensively and sustainably.

A collaboration with International Schooling also adds to and increases the credibility, professional equity, and reputation of your institution.

For a more detailed insight into the advantages of collaborating with us, kindly click here.

International Schooling currently works in the domains of K12/secondary schooling, undergraduate and postgraduate education, tertiary education, vocational education, professional education, and post-tertiary education. This implies that we have opportunities for all levels of schools/institutions. Besides this, we offer many opportunities for privately held institutions providing counseling, training, and professional certifications to school students, graduates, and working professionals.

Our wide scope and impeccable quality of work can extend to the entire ecosystem of schools, colleges, universities, institutions, and training centers

We welcome schools/institutions from all parts of the world for a prospective collaboration with International Schooling. You may write to us at [email protected] with a brief profile of your school/institution, and a small covering note on what you are looking for, from International Schooling. Alternatively, you may use the Application form here. Members of our Academic Council and Evaluation Board will get back to you, seeking answers to specific questions. In case they can see clear synergies with International Schooling, they will recommend your school/institution to the leadership. The process of selection of prospective partner schools/institutions is very transparent and simple. We encourage your school/institution to reach out to us and apply for a prospective association.

“Meet Your Classmates” is a vibrant weekly session crafted for students to gather in an interactive environment, featuring engaging activities and enjoyable games with their peers. 

If a student lacks access to last year’s transcript, they may opt to take the “Connect To Impact” Test for a fee of 250 USD to apply for the next grade. This option is available for students in Grades 1 through 9.

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