7 reasons why people like virtual high school

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In the past couple of years, the global educational landscape has seen a new wave of digitalization in the teaching and learning processes. Virtual high schools are the new normal. And this medium has proved to be effective during the hard times of the pandemic. Indeed, a K12 online school can keep up with changing needs in the world of education. And today, this medium has provided an opportunity for students to unlock their creativity and explore their real potential of every learner.

The global online learning market is estimated to surpass a mark of over 243 billion USD by 2022 (Statista, 2019). In addition, there are findings that 65% of the faculty supports the use of these educational resources (open)in teaching. All this proves why this medium is so popular amongst the students and the stakeholders.

 Worldwide e learning market | Virtual high school market
Percentage of faculty supports use of pen educational resources

This article will cover 7 reasons why people like a virtual high school.

7 Reasons Why Students And Stakeholders Like Virtual Schools

1. More Choices

Virtual high schools practice self-paced and flexible learning. Online schools allow students to maximize productivity in minimal time. Students striving for grades/credits in conventional schools have many choices in digital schools. A K12 online school has a mix of courses – Full-credit, half-credit, electives, honors, and advanced placement courses. All students across all learning styles and intelligence types can seamlessly personalize their learning through these wide choices.  

2. Interactive Sessions

This post-pandemic world is certainly an era of customization. And again, online accredited schools have the power to provide highly individualized and robust instructions to all students. Top digital schools have the industry’s best teaching talent. Teacher-student learning sessions are one-on-one interactive sessions loaded with colorful, high-quality, and meaningful content. And students can raise and clear their doubts with ease. Other than these advantages, a K12 online school also focuses on stakeholder collaboration. Students, as well as parents, can interact with teachers via e-mails and texts as well. Teachers can speak with students and parents. And in this way, it promotes stakeholder collaboration as well.

3. Less Stressful

Another advantage is that virtual high schools bring down the overall academic stress of the students. Because a credit hour system is defined for every course. And this helps the student to understand the total time which needs to be devoted to the selected course. Students can slow down or accelerate, at their convenience. Virtual schools do have deadlines. But at the same time, these platforms also provide the necessary support in the form of digital discussions with teachers online.

4. Fits In One’s Lifestyle

For all students who enroll, online accredited schools are a flexible choice that adjusts to the student’s schedule. Students can spend their buffer time as per their interests. And they can actively participate in physical activities, sports training, extra-curricular activities, and field trips over and above their stress-free study time. For all this convenience, the best part is that the coursework of a K12 online school is rigorous. All in all, online content is engaging and thought-provoking, and the overall design is highly flexible. But at the same time, it also encourages students to become self-motivated learners and excel in their respective fields.

5. Highly Affordable

We all know that the cost of school education is sky-high!

In fact, it reaches up to $33,610 only for the high school tuition. Another reason for the financial burden is that this is not the only cost for the parents. They need to spend a bigger amount that includes:

  • Technology –$1,500 a year
  • Books and supplies –$500
  • Field trips- $500
  • Uniforms – $400
  • Athletics –$300
Cost of school education in USD

The good news is that virtual high schools have now made affordable education easily accessible to every student. Parents can now spend their hard-earned money in moderation without sacrificing their desires. You can be assured that the money spent on online education is money well spent. Because online accredited schools are a hub of quality learning. And online schooling also paves the way for instilling soft skills such as critical thinking, decision making, and creative thinking in students. You can make this choice and help your child to develop the much-needed skills of the 21st century.

6. Completely Hassle-Free

Enrolling in one of the virtual schools helps to get ahead of other students. In fact, this choice is hassle-free for all types of students including the ones who wish to earn more credits or make up for the lost ones. A K12 online school covers all your learning needs making learning autonomous for all reasons. So all students can easily enhance their skillset by enrolling in a digital school.

7. Tailored Learning

Accredited virtual high schools have dynamic systems and a customizable design. This helps in tailoring the student’s learning experience. And the content can be tailored as per the student’s learning patterns. Innovative and engaging content and courses can be added as per students’ learning needs. These institutions have great pedagogical elements. Because online accredited schools are designed to cater to the world’s changing educational needs. Teachers can creatively disseminate content encouraging students to give independent solutions. All in all, digital education is a one-stop solution for all your educational needs.

7 Reasons Why Students and Stakeholders Like Virtual Schools

Final Thoughts

In this world of complexities, virtual schools have offered credible solutions for many problems within traditional schooling designs. This safe choice also eliminates all barriers to a student’s learning. And it makes the best quality education highly affordable and accessible for all types of students. Drop-outs, adult learners, students with jobs, or from ex-pat families can now bank upon this choice. In other words, a virtual high school is the future of education in this digitally driven post-pandemic world!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do people like a K12 online school?
    Most people like online accredited schools as they bring down the prerequisites of quality learning like cost, travel, etc. Students can add the much-needed dimension of flexibility to their schedules. And they can also focus on other life priorities without giving up on their education.    
  • Are virtual schools legitimate?
    You can consider a virtual high school legitimate if it is accredited by a valid accrediting agency. These details can be checked on the school’s official website.
  • What type of students can join a K12 online school?
    A digital school is a good choice for almost all types of students. However, it does require a certain level of self-motivation.
  • How are virtual schools less expensive than physical schools?
    In a physical school, parents need to spend an excessive amount on miscellaneous charges, transportation, school supplies, books, etc. Most of these are reduced to a minimum in a virtual high school.

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