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Homeschooling has a unique set of advantages that conventional schooling can never aspire to. The child is free to pursue her own interests and pace and has minimal pressure of competition. This may at times create problems like the need for self-motivation and self-study is very integral to the success of the homeschooling program. It is a good idea to choose a reputed and well-organized program like International Schooling and gift our children a fighting chance towards success.

  • Homeschooled children often have low or no competition at all. The parent and the teacher must motivate the child to compete with her own self. The harshest critic is within you. The child must be trained to motivate herself to do better than the last attempt every single time.

  • Smart assignments and projects create an investigative bent of mind. The child who asks questions can be taught to look for answers through self-study or discussion with a parent or a teacher.

  • A thorough curriculum with a strong bias toward experiential learning will induce children to do things and research the subject matter. This leads to a strong self-study style of studying.

  • The parent has to set up an environment of ease and help the child learn more easily. Access to a good library, either offline or online can help the child study independently.

Independent study does not mean that the child does not need any intervention at all. Parents should set boundaries and routines that need to be followed meticulously to achieve the perfect balance. Self-study often paves the way for successful self-starters in all walks and stages of life. You can teach your child for a few years, but the attitude that you pass on towards self-motivation remains forever.

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