Is K 12 Virtual School the Right Choice for You?

Students learning through online platform

Parents want the best for their children, but to figure out exactly what is best is a challenge for them. The most important concern is how the children will get their education. There are three options, public schools, private schools and K 12 virtual school. Not all families can afford to send their children to private schools. Most parents choose the route of sending their children to the public schools but the dissatisfactory environment in the public schools is leading to the decision of virtual homeschooling their children. On the other hand, many parents are unaware of the benefits of homeschooling.

Benefits of K 12 Virtual School:

  • Parents get to choose an appropriate learning style that suits the pace of the children. Enough time can be given to the child to cover up the topics he/she is weak at, which will make them understand the topic properly.
  • The child gets individual attention, unlike in public schools where one teacher teaches 20 or maybe 30 children.
  • The child is free from peer pressure, drugs, alcohol and other negative influences.
  • The child can be taught about the regional and ethical values.
  • The child will be able to think more independently and the parents will be the one giving the moral values and not the peer.
  • Most importantly, homeschooling brings children closer to their parents as they spend a lot of time together and thus building a sense of understanding.

Here are some statistics on the homeschooled children who opted for K 12 Virtual School:

  • The homeschooled children have a retention rate of 88.6%, which is slightly higher than the conventional school-going children, which is 87.6%
  • The graduation rate of the homeschooled children, 66.7%, is much higher than that of the counterpart, which is 57.5%.
  • 94% of the homeschooled children say that their religious values are the same as that of their parents.
  • 59% reported that they are really happy with their lives.

In the end:

K 12 virtual School has benefits in all aspects of life which is making more and more parents opt for K 12 Online Schooling as a step towards the well-being of their children.

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