Student Council

The voice of the students is the “VOX-Divine” at International Schooling. Regular feedback, Grievance Redressal and Content Contribution are the important pillars that build International Schooling as the future of digital schooling. Students at International Schooling contribute to our development by providing us suggestions for improvement. We channelize the suggestion of the students through our formal Student Council.

Every student at International Schooling has the duty and the liberty to express himself/herself through our Student Council. The suggestion of every student is recorded for our reference. Our Students Council also conducts regular surveys, group discussions and meetings to devise the strategies for better future and improved learning experience. Digital schooling is not a new concept. However schooling facts reveal that it is still gaining momentum as compared to regular schooling.

At International Schooling the form and methodology of digital schooling is evolving. This presents many new facts of learning and development. International Schooling is open to discussions and exchange of ideas. International Schooling is also keen to counsel students regarding the benefits of digital schooling. It is not necessary that every student may benefit from our ideas. However at International Schooling we are eager to try and facilitate a better learning platform for every student who contacts us. Keeping our intention in mind, we have a well-trained team of counsellors who help the students in making informed and judicious choices. Our counsellors are sensitized to the needs of school-going students. Hence they take their time in understanding the student and coming up with the right “Learning Strategy” for him/her.

Some of the most revered and revolutionary politicians, actors and entrepreneurs were brilliant man-managers even at a young age. They were not only active in social circles at college, but also smart contributors to social causes. Our Student Council is a body that aims at holistic development of every student and the International Schooling endeavor at large. Students have written long emails and articles to us, telling us how we can improve and what should be our next immediate goals. They have also actively participated in our online discussions, forums and debates.

Every minute spent by the students with us, has helped us shape International Schooling into a better and more focused organization. While we look into every suggestion with alacrity and openness, we have already imbibed some of them into our daily approach. Student Council is the face of our ‘tomorrow’. It tells us how to stay ahead of time. Besides this, it gives a positive and constructive outlet to all the creative minds associated with us. The number of posts, the time spent to contribute to suggestions and the frequency of page visits have been increasing exponentially.

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