Spanish - 5

The Elementary Spanish Level Five course takes students on a journey to countries in Central America. Students will be immersed in the Central American culture and language. Students will dive deeper into grammar rules that apply in the target language. They will learn to write simple sentences in Spanish. Students will enjoy learning the language through interactive games and activities.

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Location, countries, and culture of Central America
  • Greetings, introductions, and goodbyes
  • Verbs conocer and encontrarse
  • Using gestures to greet people
  • Different places people live
  • Solo, sola and juntos
  • Airport and airplane phrases and vocabulary
  • Differences between English and Spanish sentence structure
  • Adjectives and articles agreeing in gender and number
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Natural landforms
  • Por qué and porque
  • Vocabulary related to family members
  • Using adjectives to describe physical appearance
  • Possessive adjectives
  • Este and esta
  • Important places in San Jose
  • Culture of Costa Rica
  • Parts of the house
  • Accentuation rules
  • The preposition de
  • Belongings
  • Reading, understanding, and writing advertisements
  • Places in the community
  • Activities around the house
  • Nosotros and nosotras
  • Conjugating verbs with nosotros and nosotras
  • Reading and acting out a drama
  • Writing sentences
  • Words and expressions related to food and drinks
  • Restaurant words and expressions
  • Demonstrative pronouns
  • Possessive pronouns
  • Belongings
  • Read a menu and place an order
  • Body parts
  • Express and talk about feelings and emotions
  • Identify past tense expressions
  • Aquí and allá
  • Read and write an email
  • Greetings
  • Introductions
  • Simple questions
  • Words to describe people
  • Correct form of the verb gustar
  • Words that describe personality traits
  • Aspects of my personality
  • Vocabulary related to the movies
  • Movie ticket prices
  • Snacks offered in Costa Rican theaters
  • Movie poster and its content
  • Familiar words, phrases, expressions, and sentences
  • School subjects
  • Inverted question and exclamation marks
  • School-related vocabulary
  • My feelings and other people’s feelings
  • Vocabulary related to amusement parks
  • Contractions al and del
  • Adverbs rápidamente and lentamente
  • Common weather terms 
  • Different aspects of a news report 
  • Read a news report
  • Current events in Central America
  • Types of natural disasters
  • Identify what colonization is
  • Recognize who colonized central America and how long they did
  • Compare Spain coming to central America and Christopher Columbus coming to the Americas
  • Identify where traditions come from
  • Superlatives
  • Recognize the Guatemalan tradition of la Semana Santa
  • False cognates
  • Locate Central America on a world map
  • Label the countries of Central America
  • Animals of the tropical jungle
  • Actions taken by good citizens in the home, community, and around the world
  • Use Es __ que with adjectives

Grade Level

  Grade 5




Students will need the following materials: printer, cell phone or scanner, headphones with a microphone, notebook, pencil, crayons or markers, coloring pencils, glue, tape, scissors, a printer, and colorful food.



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