Online High School in South Africa

International Schooling is the best online school in South Africa offering fully accredited programs for grades 6-12  

Are you looking to enrol in an online school which offers the same quality of education as provided by regular schools along with a regular teacher support? You’ve arrived at the right place.

International Schooling, which got established in 2014, is the best online school making a breakthrough in online education in South Africa.

More and more students are enroling in the programs offered by International Schooling in South Africa because of the 24*7 accessibility of digital courses and the level of engagement amongst young learners through the patform.

Information about Home Education in South Africa

In South Africa, the government acknowledges the right of the parent to decide the course of education for their child. If the parents do not wish to send their children to school. They can choose to ‘home school’ them through online schools. In South Africa, this provision is called ‘Home Education’.

It is compulsory for a child to enter mainstream education at the age defined as the compulsory school-going age (5 years). The school education completion medium can be decided by the parents. But the government decides the path of this education.

South African Schools Act 1966, considers home education as a legitimate option for the parents who wish to home school their children.  

This provision supported the idea of universal education.

Phases of education are already bifurcated and defined by the Ministry of Education:

  • Foundation phase starts from grade 1 to 3rd
  • Intermediate phase starts from grade 4th to 6th
  • Senior phase starts from grades 7th to 9th

And these phases remain the same for home education as well.

How online schooling in South Africa serves the purpose of home education?

Succeed with International Schooling: the best online high school in South Africa:

International Schooling is the 1st Online High School, outside the USA, offering an American

high school diploma accredited by 3 of the most prestigious accrediting bodies of the US namely NCA CASI, SACS CASI, NWAC through Cognia.

Why parents and students prefer International Schooling?

International Schooling not only offers an alternative medium for completing education but is comparable to the mainstream education. With the amount of flexibility in schedule and engaging coursework, International Schooling has proved to be the top choice amongst young learners and their parents.

Along with high academic credentials, our students have achieved holistic development and

In the past year, more than 1300 students in South Africa chose International Schooling and

successfully completed their schooling to pursue higher education within the region and abroad as well. If you are looking for a reasonable, reliable, affordable, proven education with all the convenience and flexibility in learning or homeschooling anywhere in the world, you have found it!

Why you should enrol with International Schooling?

  • International Schooling is an accredited digital school
  • One of the few premium online schools recognized globally
  • Well- researched and well- regulated curriculum
  • A student centric instruction methodology
  • Affordable fee options
  • An individualized learning plan and flexible weekly timetable.
  • Highly qualified, certified and passionate teachers

International Schooling offers an accredited High School Diploma securing your future

Students and their parents have the right to expect that the school shall provide a high-quality education endorsed by top educationists. International Schooling offers accredited courses accepted by schools, colleges, universities, and employers across the globe.

Accreditation, an official hallmark of the academic and operational excellence, is not just about faring well on external scorecards. It is about raising every learner to the next top-level. The student can apply to universities like the Stellenbosch University International and many other prestigious institutions in South Africa and around the globe for higher education.

Course Catalog 

International Schooling offers a variety of middle school and high school courses for their students. The list of courses include Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, World Language, including (Spanish, German, French), Electives subjects (Art Explorations, Painting, JavaScript game design, Python, etc.), Health and Physical Education. These courses facilitate in gaining a competitive advantage for college applications globally.

How does International Schooling work?

International Schooling is an online school without any physical boundaries and restrictions. Students and parents with International Schooling can access the online Learning Management System any time and from anywhere in the world.

Students at International Schooling have discovered the best education delivery, the freedom to learn in a variety of ways, combined with just the right kind of educational structure. Students use the Learning Management System to access their daily lessons, which includes all of the information and resources required for successful completion of an academic year.

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