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The schools and universities of Kuwait are some of the most sought-after institutions by students worldwide because of their technologically advanced curriculum, focusing on global best practices in education. Kuwait has also adopted e- learning solutions and parents are actively searching for online high schools. Online schooling in Kuwait has emerged as an essential learning alternative in recent years. It has transformed the educational landscape, making learning borderless and providing the much needed convenience and flexibility. A large part of the credit goes to the technological and economic progress made by the country in the last couple of decades. Kuwait’s acceptance of distance and online education has only spurred the growth of the entire educational ecosystem. According to the reports of UNESCO, Kuwait has an adult literacy rate of 96.46%. The female literacy rate is more than 95.35%, reflecting the nation’s progress and the forces behind it. Women in Kuwait have been leading from the front in all walks of life, making impactful decisions and leaving a legacy for the next generation of women to follow. An educated and well- informed woman strives to provide the best education to her child and endeavors to create a future full of possibilities.

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International Schooling: The Most Trusted Online Schooling in Kuwait

Founded in 2017, International Schooling is a fully Cognia, USA accredited (formerly AdvancED-NWAC, NCA, & SACS, CASI), College Board, USA and NCAA, USA approved, KG-12 American International School serving thousands of students with the American Curriculum from internationally trained and certified teachers. Powered by Discovery Education and adhering to its motto “Changing Lives for the Best”, International Schooling has become the most sought after American online High School in Kuwait.  Additionally, International Schooling brings other advantages for you, such as:

Do you want your children to study in a globally accredited American Curriculum school with flexibility? Are you searching for a home school online? Your search ends with us. With a decade of experience and a community of 14,000+ happy students from 135+ countries around the globe, we are the pioneers of online schooling and flexible learning programs in Kuwait. Perhaps, one of the most attractive features of International Schooling is the integration of flexibility and the latest technology to offer a hassle free educational experience to our students.Once enrolled with us, your child will experience quality education with expert and certified teachers from across the globe. Learning here is strictly according to your child’s needs and speed. All their worries about course completion and credit gains will become a thing of the past with us. We ensure our faculties do not rush with the course content and give the students adequate space and time in live classes. With us, your child will graduate in a flexible learning atmosphere while staying in the comfort of their home.

Keeping pace with the technology driven society, e- learning platforms are expanding rapidly in  Kuwait. The American Curriculum courses of International Schooling offer the most inclusive and diverse learning experience. The content and subject matter will make you fall in love with learning. We also instill rich practical skills in our students to help them  grow and shine in the real world. Our internationally trained and certified teachers with diverse cultural experiences exemplify our truly global nature. As a quality online school, we offer learning programs for Grades Kindergarten to 12 and our school has become the most sought after online high school by parents searching for American Online Schooling in Kuwait.

We understand every child is unique with a different set of skills and so are their learning needs.  Therefore, to cater to the needs of our students,  International Schooling offers two learning programs- the Group Learning Program and the One-To-One learning program. In the Group Learning program,  your child will join a small group of students (typically 9-20) from the same time zone as yours online for live sessions. In the One-To-One learning method, the student gets personalized attention and customized learning plans as only one student is present with one teacher.  Both of our programs have shown excellent outcomes, however, the One-to-One method is among the country’s most popular online education programs. Therefore, we encourage you to enroll your child in our One-to-One learning method and see the positive change in the learning methodologies of your child within a few weeks. Our alumni are studying in the world’s best universities today, which testifies to the quality of online homeschooling at our school. We strive to make your child happy and you happier with their daily progress!

Our commitment has always been to fulfill the dream of every student looking for quality online schooling. It makes us stand out among the top American Online Schools. We offer the most affordable online homeschooling in Kuwait compared to any other school, be it traditional or online. Online schooling with us will save you thousands of Dinars, usually spent on ventures like school uniforms, accessories, commuting, hostel accommodation, etc. With homeschooling, your kids enjoy a comfortable stay at your home while learning. Even if you are on the move, constantly changing places for various reasons, we will always be available for you. Our school will move along with your time zone, and your child’s learning will never be affected.

Some Unique Features only for Students of Kuwait

Customized Learning

At our American Online High School, we offer you the most student-friendly and customized schooling experience. With our One-to-One learning method, you can enroll your child at any time of the year. We provide teachers with time allocation choices based on the convenience of your child. You also get on-demand counseling and career planning sessions. All these

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Access To Resources

With International Schooling, your child gets comprehensive and state-of-the-art online learning resources. Once you enroll with us, you don’t have to stress about anything related to your child’s schooling needs. We update you and your child with the best online education practices available globally. International Schooling is known for its immensely popular online

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Technology Integration

Today, technology is everywhere in our lives. We have made learning more accessible by leveraging and integrating technology into our schooling infrastructure. Our LMS and SMS are designed for your ease of scheduling, learning, interacting, and tracking progress daily. Our learning solutions are aligned with the spatial-temporal needs of

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International Schooling Accreditation and Quality Assurance

An honest and unbiased review and endorsement by a third party  is always helpful before signing up for anything. We are a proud member of Cognia, USA, the world’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious school accreditation body. Our accreditation from Cognia, USA, is the hallmark of our educational excellence. We encourage parents to check the school accreditation certificate and decide for themselves before enrolling their child. We assure you of the highest level of educational quality. Our institution is on a path to continuous improvement, and we leave no loose ends to tie. The Cognia accreditation validates our diplomas and transcripts, ensuring credibility and widespread recognition and acceptance in universities worldwide

Offering quality education to every student across the world has always been our utmost priority. No parent wants to compromise on quality and we ensure once their child is enrolled with us, they are assured of the quality that we offer. Our inbuilt mechanism for quality checks makes us continuously improve our educational products and services. We engage parents, students, teachers, and administrators in the school’s evaluation process and graciously take constructive feedback. It makes us unique among online schools with online homeschooling options in Kuwait. Join us and experience the wonders the best American school programs can do for your child

International Schooling Student Support Services

Academic Support

Our priority is our students and we strive to resolve their issues, no matter how trivial it is. We deploy a 24/7 dedicated student support team to interact with our students online and guide them in case they need support of any kind, 365 days a year. Our vision and mission are aligned to help our students regardless of their location, language, culture, or financial background. We cultivate cordial relationships and have earned deep respect from the student body for our services from across the globe. Enroll with us now if you want the best online school degree for your child.

Technical Assistance

Our learning ecosystem has a state-of-the-art infrastructure to solve problems that might arise during online schooling. Our educators and the school management guarantee to provide your child an effortless learning experience. To start online learning with us, you just need a working laptop/desktop/tablet/smartphone with stable internet connectivity. We have made homeschooling in Kuwait most accessible and user-friendly. Take a free virtual demo school tour and see how it works here. Book a free live demo now and get a chance to study in the best Online High School in Kuwait.

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You Got Questions?

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Yes. Kuwait’s education system accepts accredited online schools and the degrees, diplomas, and transcripts they award.

Although homeschooling is not explicitly addressed in local law, parents can choose to homeschool their children.

Kuwait boasts an extremely high literacy rate, with nearly universal literacy. As per the World Bank, the literacy rate for those aged 15 and above was estimated to be over 94%.

As per UNESCO, the gross enrollment ratio in primary education is nearly 100% in Kuwait.

There are approximately 1,300 public and private elementary and secondary schools in Kuwait.

International Schooling: Globalizing Education and Connecting Cultures in Kuwait

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It is important to note that the regulations governing homeschooling and online schooling vary significantly across different regions, states, or countries. Therefore, we strongly advise you to thoroughly review and understand the specific legal requirements and guidelines pertaining to homeschooling and online schooling within your country prior to initiating the enrollment process.

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