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International Schooling is an endeavor to propagate, promote and prosper a viable and credible schooling option through the digital medium. We are not just academicians. We are an organization of visionaries, thinkers and social entrepreneurs. We aim to empower students, parents, teachers, institutions and society at large. We also envision the broad spectrum of ideas to take learning beyond the boundaries of books, classrooms and curricula. International Schooling is promoted by experienced intelligentsia from the field of education. Our team boasts of rich and varied experience in evolving the face of education at school and collegiate level. Through a system of well spelt out curricula, syllabus and processes, we are keen to develop an equally powerful alternative for schooling.

Answer 1: International Schooling is an accredited Digital School with rights and capability to impart K-12 secondary school education (Grade 6-12) and post-secondary education including diplomas and certifications.

There are 2 primary models of collaboration for schools/colleges/universities/vocational training centers/other educational institutions with International Schooling.

Schools/educational institutions may choose to become an ‘authorized study campus’ of International Schooling, thus offering one or many of the various courses from the range of courses offered by International Schooling.

Alternatively, schools/educational institutions may choose to offer their already existing courses and programs in collaboration with International Schooling, with the latter being an accredited ‘Quality-Control and Certification Partner’. .


Answer 2: At International Schooling, we believe in imparting educational excellence. Our organization is accredited by AdvancED, the largest accrediting education agency in the world. When International Schooling partners with a school/institution, it carries the baton of educational excellence to such schools and other stakeholders including parents, leadership and most importantly, students. This collaboration reflects in further performance, improvement and growth of the school/institution. It also sets the school/institution apart from its peers, as our partners receive and radiate a ‘truly’ international flavor in all their academic endeavors.

Schools/institutions that we partner with, are hence able to attract better and more committed students too. Additionally, besides all these advantages, we also support the institution in achieving its purpose, vision and growth in a more comprehensive and sustainable manner.

A collaboration with International Schooling also adds and increases the credibility, professional equity and reputation of your institution.

For a more detailed insight into the advantages of collaborating with us, kindly click here.

Answer 3: International Schooling currently works in the domains of K12/secondary schooling, undergraduate and post-graduate education, tertiary education, vocational education, professional education and post-tertiary education. This implies that we have opportunities for all levels of schools/institutions. Besides this, we offer many opportunities for privately-held institutions providing counseling, training and professional certifications to school students, graduates and working professionals.

Our wide scope and impeccable quality of work, can thus be extended to the entire ecosystem of schools, colleges, universities, institutions and training centers.

Answer 4: We welcome schools/institutions from all parts of the world, to apply for a prospective collaboration with International Schooling. You may write to us on [email protected] with a brief profile of your school/institution, and a small covering note on what you are looking for, from International Schooling. Alternatively, you may use the Application form here. Members of our Academic Council and Evaluation Board will get back to you, seeking answers to specific questions. In case they are able to see clear synergies with International Schooling, they will recommend your school/institution to the leadership. The process of selection of prospective partner schools/institutions is very transparent and simple. We encourage your school/institution to reach out to us and apply for a prospective association.

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