Physical Science Worksheet

Studying physical science helps in:

Overall cognitive development:

Physical Science develops the cognition of the learners because they get to know about the various facts and principles of science.  

By gaining scientific knowledge students become logical and rational thinkers. This helps them to acknowledge the global issues and challenges that need attention and they can contribute in providing resolutions for these problems. 

Fosters curiosity among young learners:

Studying Physical Science helps in fostering curiosity amongst the young learners. They start questioning the facts and phenomena around them and develop a scientific bent of mind. Inquisitive students become creative and help themselves through approaches like ‘constructivism’. 

Inculcation of values:

It also helps in inculcating values of environmental preservation, mutual cooperation, sharing, and collaboration. Students learn the value of unity to confront various challenges and understand the importance of each living being.   

Understanding the threats to mother-nature:

With the help of this subject students develop a scientific bent of mind and also realize the challenges of globalization. Extinction of endangered species, depletion of non-renewable resources, etc. acquaint them with the prospects of the future. It also helps the students to apply their theoretical and technological skills to develop a conceptual understanding of the subject matter. 

Character building and relation with the social environment:

It also supports character building in young learners. They understand the importance of personal hygiene, interpersonal behavior, and the utilization of science in real-life situations. They develop a scientific and positive outlook towards life and acknowledge the values of peaceful co-existence within the society and the world.  

Problem-solving and Intellectual development:

Physical Science also helps the students to follow the inquiry method. They think critically and analyze every aspect of a given situation. This sharpens their observation and develops high order critical thinking skills. 

Basic knowledge of Physical Science is imperative to become an active member of the society. It helps the students to understand the world that they live in. This understanding in turn helps in resolving problems of the world. 

Another added advantage of studying Physical Science is that it helps in the moral development of the student as well

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