Music 2

In Music 2, students explore musical expression. They investigate how musical concepts such as tempo are used to achieve the musician’s expressive intent. Students identify the role and responsibility of a music composer and seek out the connections between music, other arts, daily life, and history. Throughout the course, they perform songs with movements and improvise rhythmic patterns and melodies. They create and record musical ideas through a recording device or on paper. Students learn to identify how personal interests and experiences influence music selection and instrument choice. Through these studies, they evaluate music from the Irish, African, and Japanese cultures. Additionally, they work with standard and iconic notation. Finally, students use the musical skills learned in this course to evaluate recorded music and make suggestions for improvement.

Major Concepts:
  • Moving and Time
  • What is a Composer?
  • Connections to Music
  • Musical Ideals
  • Pitched Percussions
  • Non-Pitched Percussions
  • Critiquing Music

Grade Level

  Grade 2







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