Mathematics 8

Mathematics 8 will move the students from the concepts developed in grades 6 and 7, modeling relationships with variables and equations and ratio and proportional reasoning, to making connections between proportional relationships, lines, and linear equations. The course explores the Pythagorean Theorem to prepare students for a more advanced study of geometry.

Major Concepts:

  • Subsets of the Real Number System
  • Square Roots
  • Evaluating Expressions
  • Irrational Numbers
  • Linear Applications
  • Using Intercepts
  • Graphing Systems of Linear Equations
  • Arithmetic Sequences and Geometric Sequences
  • Pythagorean Theorem, Part 1 and Part 2
  • Plane Geometry
  • Measures of Solid Figures
  • Data Analysis
  • Frequency and Histograms
S.No.Program NameFee ComponentAmount (USD)Description
1Full TimeCourse Fee$ 250To be paid by the student at the time of Registration.
2FlexCourse Fee$ 400To be paid by the student at the time of Registration.
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  Grade 8







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