French 1 Worksheet


Master French At Intermediate Level with our French Worksheets:

Focus on the understanding of tenses:

Command over the tenses ensures correct formation of sentences. Understanding concepts and framing meaningful sentences makes the levels easy. Learners should try to enrich their vocabulary and try different words with the correct syntax for best command over the language. Our free french worksheet helps them to do so.

Aim at eliminating Internal Translation process:

Translations happening in the mind can be reduced at this level. Implementing the words that you have learnt and conversing in French with friends or with your own self, helps in reducing the translation which happens in the mind.  

Go for more and more reading

Do not underestimate the benefits of supplementary reading. Reading more of French language gears up the process of language acquisition and helps immensely in understanding of the syntax. Learners often tend to understand their own mistakes when they read accurate French and this is an added advantage of reading French.

Try recording your own voice:

Use new words that you have learnt and incorporate these in your sentences. This can be done in context with the real-life scenarios so that the concept building is firm and errors can be corrected at an early stage. Also, our free learning resources help to build concepts.

Follow the French subtitles in movies and videos:

Select movies and videos on the internet with French subtitles. It can be very useful to pick the vocabulary words and notes can be made simultaneously.  Audios and podcasts have their own importance but this way of learning also helps in enriching vocabulary. Learner can go slow and use pause options to make these notes. 2nd level deep diving activity to find the meaning helps in making clarifying the meaning of these words makes the overall vocabulary stronger.

Increase the overall exposure to French:

Look for friends who can talk in French. Make it more fruitful by observing what your friends have as their strong points of this language. Discuss your points totally in French and try to minimize the use of English or any other language.

Learning French 1 develops a practical understanding of the French language in learners. Understanding of spoken French is also taken care of. This enables the learner to use the French language in its full functionality with ease. Learners are able to apply the rules of the French Syntax and enjoy the process of reading, writing and speaking the French language.

Through this course, the learners are able to comprehend the content and the matter becomes easy to be spoken and written for the learners.  Use of common testing tools like comprehensions fill in the blanks and multiple-choice questions provide a variety of practice for this language. Critical thinking is developed in the learners with the help of a variety of questions. Learners are able to get a deeper understanding of the language and pick the language really well. Interaction in French with real-life examples fosters language development and makes the base of the language stronger.

The potential of a learner is fully explored and all types of learners find our vivid assignments interesting. Vocabulary building is also taken care of and there is an opportunity given to the learners to experiment with new terms, words and phrases. A wholesome experience of language development is the main objective that we aim at achieving through this language course. Concepts are automatically built in this process as all situations are directly linked with our every -day life. This fosters a rich conceptualized learning experience. A high level of interactive language development makes the learner more confident in using this language and they enjoy the learning of French.


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