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Looking for flexibility, you are at the ‘right’ school

When we say that International Schooling is your school, we truly mean it. Taking this one step further beyond our ‘My location, my time’ concept for learners, we have added what you could say is ‘My course’ as well. While there are thousands of learners who are pursuing full grade options with all courses, there are others who need limited courses. Not everyone wants to eat a buffet, some may want it Ala-carte. Say for instance, there is someone who just wants to complete the course requirements for Grade 11 Chemistry and wants to earn that specific credit. We make it possible.  So whether it is one course or more, you have a reason to come to us and we will try our best to ensure that we provide you the option that you are looking for. And we call it FLEX Program. As the name suggests, it is an option where you get the flexibility to choose and decide, what courses you want to pursue.

Contrary to popular belief, the audience of learners who are looking for FLEX Program is huge. One, there is a group of learners who want to complete some extra credits before they finish their High School and then there are others who have already earned their High School Diploma and yet want to add that extra course to their transcript and credentials. Then there is another set of learners who have finished their High School long time ago or may be even done with their undergraduate program, but are considering adding more courses to their High School credentials because they always wanted to pursue those courses but somehow realized the need much later. With FLEX program, whatever be your reason to pursue specific courses, we respect that and we have a solution. And sometimes, you don’t even need a reason to pursue a course, you just want to do it and that’s the reason itself.

In addition to the above, there are other audiences of learners with varying reasons to take up the FLEX Program. Some of those reasons that we have commonly observed are:

  1. My child is exceptionally gifted and if given the choice would want to pursue certain specific courses of a particular grade level
  2. My child for some reason, couldn’t complete credits for a particular course and is happy to it now
  3.  I don’t need just one course but I don’t need all of them either, I know which ones to pick
  4. My course and credit combination isn’t offered by my regular school in my country and I want to pursue this option through an alternative schooling option
  5. I am keen that my child pursues the same course at 2 different schools because I want to be sure that he gets 2 attempts at securing good marks in that course
  6. I want my child to pursue a regular school plus an online school which is also approved and recognized globally

Your reason could be one of the above or totally different from the ones above. It doesn’t matter at all. For us what matters is that if a learner is happy to learn, we are happy to help.

We have even met learners who tell us “It is my dream and it always was to pursue this specific course and I would rather be late than be ‘never’ in doing it.” We at International Schooling, love dreamers. They may not be able to go back to a regular school, but why would they need to when we are here to help. We have been very forthcoming in making sure that such dreamers are provided a customized learning opportunity through our FLEX Program. So if you or anyone who you know has a dream of pursuing a particular course, yes, you can turn back the clock with us and go to school again to fulfill this dream.

For more information about our FLEX Program, one of the best ways forward could be to talk to one of our counselors. You may get some more support and good advice in addition to the answers that you are looking for. Get in touch with us on……. and we would do our best to support you (or your child).

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