Not Anymore (Part 2 of 2)

virtual schooling-solution to bullying at school

Years surpassed,
Memories new
Over the table, I gaze at my son
Learning, reciting, full of devotion

I look down and see those fries
Resting there, seems untouched
Perplexed and shook, I ask him what’s up?
Tells me, he needs some ketchup

What happened in the year
Is not less than a miracle for me
My son started virtual schooling
At his own pace, with his own ease
His own couch, and my dreams
He’s breathing, and living again
Excelling and now I’m wondering
The same child, scared of schools
Is now about to finish the course
In months, precisely ten

Now there’s no more bullying
And no more worrying
We both gulp fries; of course with ketchup
And work out in the evening

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