Tips for a Smooth Transition from Regular Schools to Online Schools

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The rapid spread of coronavirus has forced schools and other educational institutions to consider and prepare for the closure of an indefinite time period. Many of the institutions are switching to the online mode of learning. Regular schools are tying up with online schools to continue teaching their students. Many students are also directly enrolling into online schools for seamless learning.

Enrollment in online schools anyway takes place all round the year. Whether there are academically stressed students, emotionally stressed students who have been victims of bullying or if families are relocating due to work commitments, all prefer online schooling. Online learning can be extremely engaging and give good results.

High-quality study content and accredited high school diplomas ensure a satisfactory transition to the digital mode of learning. This also ensures an undisrupted online learning experience.

It can be difficult to leave your brick and mortar school and suddenly study in an online school.

So, Here Are Some Tips To Make Sure That You Have A Smooth Transition To The World Of Online Education:

  • Prepare for flexibility: The most significant feature of an online school as compared to regular schools or public schools is the flexibility it offers. There is no ringing of bells to instruct students when to switch classes or force them to follow the same curriculum as everyone else. Students have the liberty to select courses of their choice and prepare their own time table as per their comfort.

Students can study as much as they can grasp at one go and take breaks as needed to channelize their concentration in online learning set up. These breaks can be in the form of watching television or attending a cooking class…all as per own wishes. Parental guidance and monitoring in initial stages is critical to ensure that online students do not lose focus or begin to procrastinate.

  • Take time to regulate: Parents should not weigh digital education equally with education in traditional schools. Both parents and students should have a clear idea and a fresh outlook on courses, types of study material and assessment methodology.

Parents also need to teach the correct use of internet and online learning portal to students or help them with assignments. Additionally, in most of the online schools, an academic counsellor guides the students helping them familiarize with the system.  Parents need to observe and realize the most productive time slots for their children and prepare their daily routine accordingly.

  • Parent-Student Partnership: Students will probably compare the new online school to their past experience. Parents must always consider their point of view and involve them in all stages of decision making. Course selection or formation of time table, its necessary to understand the student’s interest and comfort.
  • Remain Socially Involved: Online education does not mean that students have to study or work in isolation. All their other activities remain same as before. It is significant to make sure that students maintain their social connections even while switching to an online school.

A good balance between academics, sports and other extracurricular activities ensure the best online schooling experience for a student. Multiple classes, workshops, camps or internships ensure that the students remain socially active while studying in online schools. Spending time with family and friends is also important.

However, during these times when it’s difficult to plan outdoor activities, many indoor activities can be scheduled. Virtual meetups with friends, peers and teachers can help in making the day productive. These must be incorporated in the time table to create a systematic routine.

Online schools such as International Schooling have come to the rescue of students not just in present times of the Coronavirus threat but in multiple situations before.

International Schooling offers digital resources, sessions and expert guidance to make sure that the transition goes smoothly for both parents and students.

You can go ahead and book a demo session to get guidance on the transition from the existing school to the online one.

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