Positive Thinking Strategies For Teenagers

We must instill gratitude and mindfulness in our children in order to promote positive thinking.

Positive thinking is the foundation of a joyous living. It allows us to acknowledge and appreciate the blessing of life. And empowers us to overcome the pain of rough and unpleasant experiences. It is an attitude that helps an individual to overcome fears. And it also reduces the mental blocks that hinder one’s progress. For …

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Promoting Self-regulation in Teens and Kids

Setting rules with a certain level of responsibility will strengthen intrinsic self-control and assist children in remaining disciplined under unusual circumstances.

Self-regulation is the ability to manage one’s emotions and behavior in order to manage one’s personal and professional life better. It is the basis of a good living and adds on to an individual’s overall satisfaction level. Self-regulation adds a dimension of balance to an individual’s life. And it also supports an individual in his/her …

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