Motivating Homeschoolers Towards Learning

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Homeschooling has a number of proven benefits with the majority of them revolving around the flexibility to adjust the routine, studying what you want, when you want and how you want. But this can sometimes result in the development of a “for granted” behavior amongst the children. They would rather sit on the couch and watch TV then start with their homeschooling routine. Here are some practical tips for the parents to ensure that the children always feel motivated towards learning:

  • Let the children set their goals:

“Children will only learn what they will want to”

The goals set for the children should be practical and only the children themselves can actually decide what they can achieve. Forcing goals, expectations, and targets on them will only make them feel contained and burdened. Rather the parents should allow the children to set their own goals, targets, and expectations. Doing so will make them answerable to themselves and will, therefore, keep them motivated. This would encourage them to push their limits every time they will successfully achieve a goal.

  • No yelling or punishment

“The children should enjoy the learning experience not fear it”.

It’s important for the parents to understand that the children will only respect them and their teaching methods if they will get the same value and respect from the parents. Negative motivation is never a good approach to make the children learn something rather it’s important that the children should enjoy what he or she is studying. This way the child will always be motivated to achieve the goals set for him.

  • Encourage the love towards learning:

“It is important for the parents to encourage the student’ love towards learning rather than making him study“.

The parents need to restructure their expectations from the children. It is important that the homeschooling approach should enhance the child’ interest towards reading and learn rather than killing it with the use of standard textbook approach. For the purpose, parents can ask them what they learned and what are their ideas to implement or relate the learnings in the real world rather than asking those boring textbook questions from the child.

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