5 effective ways for synchronous learning during COVID-19

Students learning during COVID 19.

Managing online learning during COVID-19 has been a challenging task for many of us. The education institutions had no other option but to switch to online learning all of a sudden. This overnight transition came in with its set of challenges, and we all had to bear the brunt of it. We cannot expect an immediate respite from this deadly virus’s threats even to date with the corona vaccine trials. But, as it is rightly said ‘what can’t be cured must be endured’ (quoted), the best resolution is to prepare yourselves for a better online learning experience.

If you have also struggled with home-based learning during COVID-19, these tips can help you.
Let’s start with some simple synchronous learning tips right away:

Have a dedicated study space-

You might not know the impact of choosing the right study space on your academic performance. Trust me; this choice can have a make-or-break effect on your mindset, mood, and mental readiness during remote learning. If you choose a place that makes you casual and lazy, you will lose focus instantly. Remember, very often, when people complain about engagement issues in online classes, THIS IS A COMMON FACTOR THAT GOES WRONG WITH THEM!! Try to keep a dedicated space and attend your online class with the camera on to avoid these issues. It will set the right mood for you to study and perform during synchronous classes.

Pay attention-

Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. Just like any face-to-face class, an online class can be useful only if you are attentive. Make sure you ditch that distraction before joining your synchronous class. Even the smallest things that can take you away from your focus should be done away before joining your class. This golden rule of distance learning during COVID-19 goes for your chat groups, friends, favorite TV shows, life commitments and includes everything that can hinder your focus. Stay away from distractions and leave no choice for yourself but to focus on the class. This little practice will open up your road to being a successful online student.

Motivate yourself and keep doing that! –

This aspect often remains ignored and underestimated by many students. If you wish to become a successful online student someday, learn to work on your intrinsic motivation. It is ‘YOU’ who can make yourself productive and no one else. During the corona crisis, you need to stay away from the trap of negativity and keep your spirits high. It is easy to plan your day around and OK to face issues. Learn to find opportunities in hardships and see the learning behind difficulties. As long as you can train your brain to bear glitches and errors, your learning curve will not be stressful and demotivating.

Be prepared for your synchronous classes and make your moves fearlessly. Remember, none of us could predict the pandemic before it occurred, and the vaccine is not a miracle. Be comfortable and confident during your synchronous class and grab each opportunity to participate that comes your way.

Dress up nicely and be disciplined-

During the coronavirus’s challenging times, your baggy nightdress, its comfort, and the casualness of being all the time at home can add a tag of being a ‘LAIDBACK’ student forever. Trust me, and it is even more important to keep yourself disciplined during a synchronous class than in a regular school. Remember the first tip related to engagement issues. You can buildup a casual attitude and never get in the mood of studying if you treat your synchronous class like a ‘HOLIDAY.’ So instead of lying in your bed and sounding disinterested, stay disciplined, lively, and active to show up well in the class.

Gain more knowledge of handling devices and troubleshooting-

Yes! This tip can be a big takeaway from this online learning transition. SHARPEN YOUR DIGITAL SKILLS now and use this online learning experience to learn even better at home. Machines, devices, and connections can make you annoyed, but this is what we have to live with. Even if we trust the impact of the COVID-19 vaccine enough, we can still not be sure about the day of a perfect NORMALCY LIKE THE PRE- PANDEMIC days. Imagine the ease of carrying out your synchronous classes if you know what, when, and how about the technical glitches that might occur. Eventually, you will end up loving your devices and taking care of them better.

Ending Words:

The acceptance of remote learning during COVID-19 is beyond the geographical boundaries of countries and continents. Now that we live with the pandemic, this transition can be treated like a ‘blessing in disguise’ to learn and develop like a global student of an accredited online school.

I hope these tips were useful. Start applying these, and within no time, see how they work wonders for you!

Happy Schooling!

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