Is Virtual Education for You? Student’s Perspective

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Struggling to answer this question?

There can be a number of factors contributing towards the preference to virtual education . In fact, it is a really big decision to make. There are different pros and cons associated with this idea. Here are a few of the factors that must be considered before making the final decision.

  • The learning approach and the time commitment:

Being in school if the child prefers to have a 10-15 min of practical implementation session in place of a 40-45 min of theoretical explanation, then the most obvious fact is that he is not a copybook style learner and surely cannot attend the needlessly time-consuming classes. What he needs is a more practical approach where he actually learns through getting things done. And if all this is true then yes, “Virtual education is really the thing for him”.

  • The education system doesn’t support the needs:

There are many students who feel that the education system they are a part of isn’t really made for them. The homework takes too much time which can be otherwise utilized for other productive activities, the control over what they learn isn’t there, the creative artist inside them has started to wane or even the schedule is too tight to be able to cope up with. Virtual education can really be a lifesaver for such students.

  • Self-paced learning environment:

What they want is an environment that can adapt to their needs.

If the child likes to set the pace of his learning activities on his own, dynamically change the time of schooling rather than having a fixed schedule, manage other activities like his sports training, and possible part-time job if he is into one etc. then virtual education can be an excellent alternative for such individuals.

Virtual education allows the learners to discover their true self and the creative individual inside them.

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