International Human Rights Day-Celebrating the right to education

Human Rights Day

“Life is a precious gift given by the almighty”. However, this world is full of struggle and misery for millions of people. As they strive hard to make the ends meet, their race for survival continues. Every year December 10th is celebrated as the ‘International Human Rights Day’. It is the perfect time to reiterate and remind ourselves about our roles in creating a better world around us. 

Right to Education- An attempt to make education accessible for all:

It is rightly believed that education has the potential to transform the life of an individual. Hence, it is one of the most important components of human rights. Article 26 in the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ states the right to education as one of the basic rights for all. As an important component of human rights, this article declares educational opportunities equally accessible for all. We all know that the accessibility of education is a cause of concern for millions of students in the world. However, the condition of education in many parts of the world is quite serious.

Education in Africa- The Real Picture:

Right to education enjoys the status of being a universally accepted human right, but students in Africa are deprived of it in large numbers. Shocking figures of adolescent out of school population in Africa show a pitiable condition of youth in the school-going age. It is estimated that 60% population between the age group of 15 and 17 are not in school. Amongst these issues, the case of girl education is even more serious.  Around 9 million girls between the age groups of 6 to 11 were never sent to school (as per UNESCO statistics). This data highlights that the weightage of out of school girl population is 4% more in comparison with the boys.

Issues in the Middle East (Iraq, Yemen, etc.)

Conflicts and crisis situations have deprived several students of their right to education in these parts of the world. UNICEF has disclosed that over 3 million students were impacted because of these issues. Yet another case of man-made disasters and violation of human rights.

Out of school children in the Philippines

Another report highlights the issue of school education in Philippines. Like many other parts of the world, girl students are more prone to dropping out than the boys in Philippines.

Out of school children rates in Europe and North America

Europe and North America are no exceptions to this issue. 1.7% of students of primary school age were out of school in these regions. This data is even worse for upper secondary school age. It goes as high as 6.7% by 2018.

Alarming rates of out of school students shows that millions of our children are still deprived of their ‘Right to Education’

Today, the world has become a global village, it is now the time to look for solutions

As we celebrate ‘International Human Rights Day’, it is important to live the idea of equality rather than just believing it. With technology-based education, an alternative learning space can be created for students who cannot attend a physical school. Online schooling is a credible solution to numerous challenges faced by students in Africa or other parts of the world. An online school helps students to enjoy the blessing of quality education. 

International Schooling extends the accessibility of education to every corner of the world!

Virtual schooling brings quality education to the student’s doorstep. Through our accredited online school, the blessing of technology-based flexible education is open for all. Be it the barrier of geographical location, gender bias, or physical challenge, online schooling can help all students from all walks of life. High-quality educational resources are now at the fingertips of students through our accredited online school.

On Human Rights Day, we acknowledge the ‘Right to Education’

At International Schooling, we believe in providing the best education to each student. Our acknowledgment of human rights is not limited to words alone. We have gone the extra mile to create equal opportunities for all students. With online schooling, you can break-free from all sorts of threats and complete your school education conveniently. A student can choose to enroll, learn, and access all features of our accredited online school without any discrimination.

Our accredited online school will create a roadmap of success for you

K-12 online schooling programs at International Schooling stand for the spirit of the right to education. Our programs are designed keeping in mind the varied learning needs of students from all backgrounds and living conditions. We make quality education reachable and possible within the safe settings of your home.

Wrapping Up:

This International Human Rights Day marks the beginning of a new era for online schooling. While the world is getting ready to overcome the pandemic challenges, online schooling has proved its potential once again. Let us aim at making honest contributions in this world and stand for the right to education for all.

At International Schooling, we are all set to do this!

What about you?

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