Homeschooling Teenagers: What All You Should Do As The Parent

Homeschooling teenagers

Homeschooling teenagers is quite different than doing the same for younger children. If you try to follow the same process, the entire Virtual homeschooling experience will blow up. With teenagers, you will need a different patience level and you must change your methods to suit their needs. You will have to relinquish a few powers and make some hard choices.

Virtual Homeschooling Teenagers: What All You Should Do As The Parent

You can’t solely decide your child’s curriculum anymore

You have to keep your teenager in the loop. Of course, you can help him/her select the subjects but if he/she wants to take up astronomy, you have to be game with it. You cannot force your decisions anymore and your kid has to make the mistake to learn from it.

Strict routines will not work anymore

You cannot just ask your kids to study history on Monday and chemistry on Tuesday. It’s their decision when they want to study what. Give them the freedom to have their own timetable. But you must supervise the whole process to ensure that all the work is getting done.

Give them the space they want and need

If your daughter wants to do her homework on the couch, it’s fine. If your son wants to lock the doors, that’s also fine. If at the end of the day, they do what they were supposed to, you should have nothing to complain about. Virtual homeschooling teenagers need their space and we, as parents, must accept that.

Make sure they are busy with things apart from academics

The teen-age is not only about building your academic career but also about learning social values. You may feel that your child should not be working, but you must send him/her out for community service or some internship. They must remain busy most of their time and learn something all along.

In the end

The ultimate goal remains the same but teenage homeschooling is much more rigorous. Find out your right match, guide your child instead of making decisions and give them more responsibility. The journey is fun and keep it that away.

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