How To Make Homeschooling In Singapore Fun With Strewing? 8 Smart Ways

Fun activity while Homeschooling in Singapore

The best part of homeschooling in Singapore is – you can make it fun in a myriad of ways. Who says that being organised is the only way to go about digital schooling? Strewing or scattering can also be fun and you can actually make a game out of it. You can indulge the child in a treasure hunt by hiding things around the house. Let the child discover the hidden treasure and set it as the day’s task.

Here are 10 smart ideas to make homeschooling in Singapore fun for your child by strewing around stuff.

Anything can work as a treasure and every corner can be your hiding place.

  1. Take your child’s favourite candy and hide it somewhere around the house. Set a timer and give him/her clues. If he/she finds it in that set time, the candy is theirs. If not, you get to keep it all to yourself.
  2. Pick an interesting looking leaf or a twig and place it in your yard. The task can involve finding it as fast as possible. The quicker your child completes the task, the better the prize.
  3. Write down difficult words in chits of paper and scatter it all over the house. If your child comes across one, he/she has to tell you its meaning to proceed to the next work. Like, tell the meaning before entering the next room.
  4. Hide your old watch or keys in the drawer of a cabinet where it is hard to find. If your child locates it, the prize will be skipping his/her least favourite subject for the day.
  5. Scatter labels of famous brands around the house for your child to find. If he/she comes across one, they have to name the brand. Of course, the end of the task will involve a prize.
  6. Hide small baskets of craft material for your children. Whoever finds a basket, has to make something with the material available in it. Nothing extra!
  7. Place an old photo in a bunch of new ones and strew them for your child. He/she has to locate the old picture in the heap.
  8. Scatter cards from one deck around the house and hand over similar cards from another deck to your kids. One finds the matching pair fastest, wins.

And there can be more. You can include foreign notes, coins, stamps, postcards and so on. Anything that you can find lying around. Pick an exciting prize and strew things around for your child. Make homeschooling in Singapore fun and exciting!

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