Broken (Part 1 of 2)

Bullying in school

Over the table, I gaze at my son
Shaking, trembling, yet not in motion
I look down and I see those fries,
Them; he used to love
But now, he despise

Week surpassed,
Memories within
Kids called him fat, punched him in the belly
Stole his lunch too, and
Told him to get skinny
A place to be worshipped, of the unsullied
Had demons inside
And got my son bullied

I remember taking him to school,
And see him start weeping; suddenly
Told me he doesn’t want to go in
And I just sit there; sullenly

I figured, finally
Through his torn shirt
Which had a hole that let me peep
In his soul, broken and scarred
Today he speaks but not talks
Eats but not feeds
Breathes but doesn’t,

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