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International Schooling’s Pre K-5 Courses

Best online elementary school, International Schooling brings in fun-filled, interactive, and engaging online classes to commence your child’s educational journey! Start your child’s magical academic journey with us! Transform your home settings to a captivating online environment. Our researched online curricula will create meaningful learning experiences for your beloved ones.Watch your child enjoy and learn with our expert faculty support and online resources.

Fun-based Learning

Fun-filled learning with gamification, interactive videos, and multimedia-rich content have a universal appeal. Watch your child have fun with learning!!

Holistic Development

Online schools for elementary education support the holistic development of learners. We make sure all the domains of development are covered with the help of our online curricula and academic support experts. 

Fits in your lifestyle

With school walking, talking sleeping, and waking up with you. Our study schedules are adaptable as per your lifestyle.


Periodic monitoring and mapping of learning outcomes

Our 360-degree monitoring and feedback mechanisms track the academic progress of your loved one. Our automated tracking systems keep a detailed record of the learning outcomes expected as per the defined educational goals. Thereby, aligning the best online feedback systems to gauge the teaching and learning efficiency.

Comprehension based learning

Educational activities at the PreK-5 stage are essential to building a strong academic foundation for the learners. Being the best online elementary school, we focus on vocabulary building, fluency, clarity of speech and symbol awareness etc. 

Flexible payment options

Stay tension-free with our installment options. We will fit in your educational budgets with ease!

Here’s why Interactive learning is great for our young stars?

Our elementary online school programs are modeled with the help of modern teaching methodologies.

Key benefits of our interactive online programs include:

  • High-level of learner engagement – E-learning keeps the learners active in their learning process at every step. Interested learners avail the benefits of enhanced learning and show great retention rates.
  • A spectrum of learning opportunities for every learner – Our academicians ensure that the learning needs of every learner are met. International Schooling’s online curricula are a mix of lessons/activities/exercises that suit the needs of every learner.
  • Hands-on learning opportunities – Online schooling eliminates the gaps between theory and practice. Our learning is based on the involvement of the gateways of sensory organs for an enriched learning experience. Our constructivist based pedagogical practices help the brain to create a connection between the subject matter and sensory experiences.
  • Hassle-free acquisition of skills and knowledge – We create ample opportunities for the learners to practice. This enriches the study experience and cements the acquired knowledge.
  • Supports the development of basic analytical skills Wholesome learning opportunities help our elementary level learners to strengthen their problem-solving skills with the help of analytical knowledge. Our avid learners become fully capable of constructing their own knowledge and grouping it to draw conclusions.
  • New-age learning capacity – Modern-day education is all about the practical use of inculcated skills. We have incorporated this paradigm shift in our content and pedagogies. We believe in helping our learners to be competent with new-age skills. Enhanced problem-solving and critical thinking skills demarcate our learners from their peers.
  • In-built user-friendly functionalities – Our Learning platform is fun and easy to use. It has all the relevant features that you might need during this academic journey. Access to educator support teams and course content will be just a click away for you.
  • Online repository- Our researched online resources are available for our learners. We take care of your supplementary learning resources by suggesting as per the learner’s needs.
  • Digital literacy is the key – Online schools for elementary education sharpens the digital literacy of the learners. Making them future-ready for the fast-paced dynamic learning environment of the future. 
  • Opportunity to create your own school from home – With online schooling, you can be your own master. Your school will be a tailored one as per your schedule and planning.
  • No more struggles with noisy classes – Learners excel academically within the secure and peaceful settings of their home. With zero peer pressure and no threats of school violence, great results simply follow.
  • Cut your cloth according to the size – Choose to spend time as per your specific educational needs. Take your time in strengthening your academic base andmake the upcoming journey joyous.The PreK-5 stage is imperative to acquire the basic skills and online schooling tops it up with digital literacy as well.

We are here to help!

Do you need any assistance during the course, we are here for you.

After all, effective learning is a product of our collaborative efforts!

Our elementary online school (PreK-5) program course range covers areas like:

  • Language development
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Wellness
  • Music
  • Art
  • Handwriting, and
  • Typing etc.

Say no to hindrances with our expert supported online schooling solutions. Feel the change with the virtual learning environment with our revolutionized methodologies. International Schooling’s PreK-5 online programs are a comprehensive solution to take off your child’s educational journey!

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