Choosing an Academic Discipline in Malaysia

Choosing academic discipline in Malaysia

Choosing the right academic discipline in Malaysia could be a task. Education does not come cheap in Malaysia, as a result, every student perseveres to achieve academic excellence to secure financial aid or scholarships. Sadly, scholarships in the Malaysian education system are awarded on racial agendas which toughens the journey of Malaysian students. Students’ agony also reflected in a national survey conducted by the Ministry of Health in 2018. The survey revealed that students aged between 13-17 suffered from mental health issues.

1 among 5 students is depressed.

2 among 5 students is anxious.

1 among 10 students is stressed.

The mounting crisis indicates that students find higher education challenging as they embark on a real journey. Choosing the right academic discipline in Malaysia becomes even more critical and fills up students with giddy anticipation. The choice of academic disciplines involves finding your passion and developing skills based on your wider goals. The intimate process is intimidating as well. Our choices are also driven by opportunities that exist in the real world, the jobs that are offered and the possibilities that are open for you.

These two factors, your desires and what all exists for you, coalesced together forms one of the most crucial decisions for us.

To choose the most suitable academic discipline in Malaysia, you might want to consider these factors:

1. Explore within

You need to manifest your interests first. What activities do you like? What are the subjects of your interest? Solving a math problem, reading a book or performing an experiment or two, might not culminate into a career choice. You need to search for your vocation which develops over time.

2. Professional purpose

Relate your activities with real-time jobs. You need to find an answer to the question – What all occupations related to the activities you enjoy? Your interests may be diversified, in fact, it is an added advantage that multiple academic disciplines might appeal to you. Just set your priorities to know what type of activities have contributed to your personal development.

3. Subject matters

Get well versed with the kind of content and curriculum provided by the subjects or courses you want to choose. Research well on their employment prospects.

Also, in the line of rapid technological development, another discipline is gaining ground and becoming indispensable by the day – the ‘Digital Discipline’. Students need to seize the opportunity to transform them by integrating technology in their learning styles. They need to be futuristic in mind to compete in this era of evolution. Students need to sharpen their ICT skills to harness the power of technology. 

Whatever academic discipline you choose in Malaysia, pay more heed to the purpose of your education. The world is changing radically and pressing issues like climate change are staring us in our faces. We are surrounded by social unrest which is related to the ever-growing population and diminishing resources. Such vast problems can only be answered when the youth works within multiple disciplines and archaic institutional settings. The educated and educators can contribute enormously, only if they are directed towards a purpose. So, give more power to the purpose and choose your academic discipline wisely.

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