4 Homeschooling Fears you need to Overcome (and Fast)

Homeschooling Fears
The fear of something new is natural. Especially if it’s out of the ordinary and for your child. The decision to go for K 12 Online Schooling is certainly a major one, life-changing for you and your child, and will affect how it shapes his/her future. You may often find yourself debating in your mind about validity of virtual homeschooling. Add to that the skeptical people around who are adept at striking more fear into your hearts about something they are not comfortable with. You will hear how virtual homeschooling may not be the right option. These points act together to cripple your logical decision and suddenly backing out altogether seems like the best option. But if you can go past your fears, that is where success lies. K 12 Online Schooling is no different and if you can overcome the doubts, you can see how beneficial it can be to you and your family. Whatever good that you have heard about virtual homeschooling will start making sense and you will no more delay your decision. Here’s a list of the top 4 fears that people speak about K 12 Online Schooling and a guide on how you can go past them. Take action against these and keep them aside to move ahead.
Fear 1: I am not a qualified teacher. How can I teach my child?
In reality, you do not need a degree or certification to be a teacher. As long as your child learns the right things, you can be his/her perfect teacher. You can provide your kid with the basic knowledge on various topics, and there is always the internet to learn more. Plus, you can learn along with your kids and help them grasp a particular subject. And if you still feel underconfident on a particular area, you can always get help. There are other homeschooling families on similar lines as you. Get in contact with them and teach your kids together. You can help their kid with history while they help yours with science. Win-win for all.
Fear 2: My child won’t have friends. He/she won’t be social.
This is indeed the most common fear among new homeschooling parents. Your child may be staying at home but that does not mean he will not have friends. In fact, he/she can get along with children that you deem fit to become his/her friend.  Your child will be going to parks and other lessons where he/she can meet his/her peers and interact. Or it can be just like standard schools. You can get in touch with other homeschooling families and your children can hang out together. The positive environment at home enhances their social skills rather than diminishing them.
Fear 3: What if I get into trouble with the Law?
Every state requires their children to get schooling up to a certain age and homeschooling falls perfectly in that jurisdiction. To avoid trouble, acquaint yourself with your country’s laws on homeschooling and keep records of every step. If you can show the state that your child is actually learning, no one can prevent you from homeschooling him/her. Get approval from the Ministry and make your child take the annual tests. Stick to the rules and you shall never get into trouble. And if something does come up, feel free to seek help from homeschooling clinics who readily extend their support.
Fear 4: The top colleges will never accept my child
In fact, it’s the opposite that is true. The top colleges believe that homeschooled children receive a better form of education than standard schooled students and prefer the former for admission. There are graduates from the likes of Harvard who have been homeschooled and did not find any difficulty to fit into the curriculum. Make sure your child is prepared for the national and international college entrance exams. If they can show a decent score, the colleges will have no excuses for the type of school your child went to. Take note of the eligibility criterion of the top colleges your child wants to go to and prepare them for that. You can also opt for the distant programs that most colleges offer for homeschooled students.
Move past your fears
Try to keep in mind why you considered homeschooling in the first place. Remind yourself of that basic reason while you continue to work on those fears. K 12 Online Schooling can only bring benefits to your family and your child will receive the best possible education from the best possible teacher. Consult, counsel and move ahead!

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